This AI better at maintaining relationships than us

Machines Programmed ‘Not To Lie’ Can Negotiate Deals Better Than Humans Boston: Scientists have created a new artificial intelligence system that can negotiate a compromise and maintain relationships more effectively than humans. Researchers programmed machines with an algorithm called S# and ran them through a variety of two-player games to see how well they would cooperate […]

Demons or Gods?

By MUKUL SHARMA Elon Musk, the high-tech founder of Tesla Motors which makes futuristic electric cars and SpaceX Corporation that manufactures advanced rockets, is a man with the future on his mind. He envisages a time when humans will have colonised Mars and set up a permanent base there. Yet when it comes to advances […]

Machines are capable of beating humans now

By Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder Infosys New developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation inspired by the brain are finding uses in many industries and in our lives. There are clear signs that more and more current jobs are getting done by computers. Factories employ fewer workers as automation and robot replace humans. Clerical positions […]

The weird future: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos offer up extraordinary visions of the impact of technology

We are said to be headed towards a wired future. But that could equally be a weird future, going by what some tech entrepreneurs and artificial intelligence visionaries are saying about it. It’s going to get a lot weirder than self-driving smart cars. Elon Musk, who co-founded Paypal and started the Tesla electric car company […]

Automation Monster Coming for Our Jobs

According to World Bank research, automation imperils 69 per cent of jobs in India. Scaremongering or early warning? By 2025, 70 per cent of the country’s population would be of working age. Would advances in robotics, materials, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous high-speed networks, driverless vehicles and solar energy have completely transformed the economic landscape and rendered […]